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​Is there a charge for travel?

If your event is within 50 miles of our base in Cambridge (CB3 0PP), there will be no charge for travel. However, for any circumstances beyond this, an out-of-area charge will be applied to your booking's final invoice, payable 30 days before your event. Also, staying overnight when an event runs late may be necessary. The cost of accommodation and any other additional charges incurred shall be recovered from the customer regarding late and distant events.


If you wish to find out if there will be any travel or overnight charges before you book,


please Click Here to contact us.

How big are the booths & what are the space requirements?

We need approximately a 3-metre square radius (8FT x 8FT) to set up. If you are unsure of the space at your event location, let us know, and we can speak to the venue directly to ensure we set up the Booth in the best area for you.

How can I find out more about the Booth?

To find out more about our booths, Click Here

Do you supply props?

Yes, we do indeed supply prop boxes; we rotate our props among four boxes.


Before every booking, we make sure we rotate our props, ensuring they are in perfect condition, and make sure the props are relevant to the booking.

You can also opt to have no props (If you are going for a classic black & white Kardashian look).

Do you allow food or drinks near the Booth?

For insurance purposes and general safety, we do not allow food or drink on or near our booths.

Our attendants will ask your guests to pop their food or drink down before having a go on the Booth.

How will my photos be printed?

All images will be printed on premium Mitsubishi photocard using state-of-the-art thermal dye sublimation Mitsubishi printers, the same machines HM Passport Offices use.


As a result, all photos are printed touch dry, durable and waterproof in seconds. In addition, the prints can be personalised with a logo or message, which you can discuss with us.

Can we personalise our prints?

Yes, of course! The photo cards can be designed with your logo or theme in mind. When you book us, we will send you a template design form where you tell us your ideas, and we will create this for you.


Click Here to check some of them out and get an idea.

Can I download the photo booth images?

Your images will be available on an online password-protected gallery where you can download the photo cards & Raw photos as many times as you like.


We also provide the option to have them on a USB stick for an extra charge. Click Here to find out more.

What is the Guest Book, and how does it work?

The Guest Book is a high-quality, leather or Vegan-bound book that features all of the pictures taken at your event. It comes complete with a gift box and is hand-delivered to you at the end of the booth hire period.


We also provide high-end calligraphy pens to allow guests to leave their personalised messages alongside their pictures if they choose for the Guest Book to be written in.


The booth attendant will encourage the guests to fill it in and put it aside for safekeeping at the end of the event. To view more information about our Guest Book service, Click Here or Click Here to view our Guest Book Brochure.

Can I supply a Guest Book rather than have one provided by you?

You can, but unfortunately, we won't be able to assist with managing or completing it. This is because we can't be held responsible for a Guest Book not supplied by us.


If you would like us to handle a Guest Book, Click Here to take a look at our Guest Book service.

Do you provide staff with the booths?

Absolutely! We always provide a booth attendant at every event to ensure your Booth runs smoothly.


The attendant will set it all up and take it down. In addition, they will be on hand to help with props and assist with the Guest Book if you have selected this option.


We want to ensure you get the most out of your booking with us to have a memorable experience.

How long is the Booth hire?

We offer 3 hours of hire as standard. You can purchase additional hours for £75 per hour. Click Here to find out more about extra hours and the extra services we offer.

Do you provide the backdrops?

We have a wide variety of backdrops in many different colours and styles. When you book us, we will send you a backdrop selection form. The backdrops are 8ft x 8ft, so ensure that you check with your venue about the height requirements before booking. Click Here to view our range of backdrops.

Can I view the Terms & Conditions for your packages before I book?

Sure! Click Here to view.

Will we get a copy of the pictures too?

Yes. After your event, all the images will be available on a password-protected online gallery for you to view and download. In addition, if you wish for a set of additional prints, we can provide this for an additional charge. Click Here to find out more.

Will our guests be able to view all of the photos?

Yes. We will create a password-protected gallery that your guests can access to view all pictures taken following your event.


The Online Gallery can be found by Clicking Here or by clicking the Online Gallery link at the top of the screen.

How long do the booths take to set up?

Our typical set-up time ranges between 30 and 60 minutes, so we will ensure we arrive at the venue at least 60-90 minutes before the start of your event.


All time required for set-up is included free of charge and is not counted as part of your run time.


However, there is an additional charge if you want the Booth set up earlier than the start time. You can find out more by Clicking Here.

The venue I wish to hire the Booth requires business insurance. Do you have this?

Click here to download a copy of our public and product liability insurance certificate that you can provide to your venue should they request this; most venues do!

This should satisfy your venue's requirements. However, if they still have any queries regarding our insurance coverage, they can contact us by Clicking Here.

The venue I wish to hire the Booth requires PAT testing certificates. Do you have this?

Click here to download a copy of our portable appliance testing certificate(s) (PAT) that you can provide to your venue should they request this; most venues do!

This should satisfy your venue's requirements. However, if they still have any queries regarding our PAT coverage, they can contact us by Clicking Here.

Can the booths go in a marquee?

The Booth can go in a marquee or tent if it's flat, dry, and has an electricity supply. Please speak to us about this before booking.


We will always create a wet weather / alternative arrangement plan before your event, and a decision about the Booth's location will be made on the day by The Snap Booth management team.


We reserve the right to alter the Booth's position if we feel our equipment is at any risk. Please take a look at our outdoor weather requirements document by clicking here.

Can the booths go outside?

Due to the cost of our booths and the equipment inside them, our booths cannot go outside in the open elements.

How do I book, and do I need to pay my booking fee?

Yes, a booking fee of £200 will be taken to secure your photo booth hire. Please note that this is non-refundable.

You can book online through our Book Online page.

Payments can also be made by:​

  • BACS transfer - If you wish to pay in this way, please let us know.

Do you charge extra on Bank Holidays and around Christmas and New Year?

For bookings made on Bank Holidays and between 10th DEC - 4th JAN, we will add a key date charge of £250 to your remaining balance invoice.

How do I pay my remaining balance?

An invoice for the remaining balance will be sent to the customer's email with an invoice number.


Customers can then pay the remaining balance via our website's Make a Payment page. Please note that customers must include the invoice number when completing this.


The remaining balance can be paid anytime, at least one month before the event. Click Here to make a payment.

Anything we've not covered?

If you have any further questions, please Click Here to drop us a message!

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