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Information last updated: Tuesday 23rd February 2021


Following the latest statement from The Rt Hon Boris Johnson PM following the ongoing successful rollout of the vaccine across the UK along with the positive news that the government will now start to remove the restrictions imposed on the wedding sector and others, we are now in a position to update you with our plans.

Our plans to reopen will run parallel with the governments four step plan for the country, these are:


        Step:                           No earlier than:                                      Restrictions:                                           Reception:

           1(a)                 Monday 8th March 2021                    Weddings up to 6 people

           1(b)                 Monday 29th March 2021                Weddings up to 6 people

             2                     Monday 12th April 2021                    Weddings up to 15 people

             3                     Monday 17th May 2021                     Weddings up to 30 people

             4                     Monday 21st June 2021                  Weddings with no restrictions

Based on the above, this means we will be able to restart our services in the wedding sector from Monday 12th April 2021.

As per our previous update in January, The Snap Booth is committed to the well-being of our customers & the wider community.

Our guidelines

As per our January update, we put guidelines in place for our bookings, some of these have now been removed but the following are still in place:

• Carefully monitoring the Government and Public Health England's (PHE) risk level assessment and to implement all new changes required, as quickly as possible.

• Continuous re-enforcement of the Government and PHE precautions to our staff to help prevent spreading of the virus, including regular hand washing through the provision of hand-sanitizer.

• Requiring staff who are exhibiting symptoms associated with Coronavirus to follow government guidelines, notify relevant individuals internally and self-isolate.

• Ensure we remain COVID-19 Secure at all times. You can see a copy of our COVID-19 compliance registered with the government by clicking here

Along with taking official advice, we are also putting additional measures in place to help fight the spread of the virus. Each member of our staff will have:

  • Access to bottles of disinfectant spray and hand-sanitizer.

  • Face masks / Visors available to all staff members, from the start and to the end of each booking.

(Unless the government state these are no longer required)

  • Access to management via telephone at all times.

  • Cleaning equipment available  at every event, to clean props, as each customer handles them.


If you have booked a guestbook with us, it may be necessary that we complete the guestbook after the event, as we will be taking more precautions such as cleaning of props after they have been handled by each customer during the event.

(This will be confirmed closer to your booking after more news comes out from the government)

We continue to monitor Government and PHE guidelines closely and stand ready to make any necessary changes to protect you.

We have been advised by our trade body that during this time, it is not appropriate for all props to be used during bookings.

We have taken out what we call 'high risk' props from our offerings during events, such as items that would be put near the mouth (such as cigars) or items that would go near the face (such as masks).

(Again, this will be confirmed closer to your booking after more news comes out from the government)

We will only be using handheld items which we can clean before the next guest touches them.

We ask all customers to check-in on The NHS Test and Trace app before entering the area where the photo booth is, this is now a legal requirement. If you or your guests are not able to do this, we will be able to do this for you.


What is The snap booth doing for its customers?

Customers who have upcoming bookings with The Snap Booth may need to make changes with us.

Usually, this would not be permitted, but due to the circumstance, and whilst following guidance from the CMA, we understand this is out of your control and are currently allowing date changes if customers need to make them, providing we are available.

If you need to change your date:

Any bookings from Saturday 14th March 2020, can be changed to a new date. Currently we are allowing date changes free of charge until Friday 18th June 2021. providing we are not already booked.


Please Note: It is your responsibility to ensure you check with The Snap Booth before confirming a new date with your venue, failure to check may mean we are not available.


Providing the government does not deviate from the roadmap and the dates set out,

from Monday 21st June 2021, COVID-19 policies will no longer apply and our standard T&C's will apply.

If you need to change your date after Monday 21st June 2021, you may be liable to charges

From Monday 21st June 2021, we will no longer allow automatic date changes due to COVID-19.

If you need to cancel:

In the unfortunate event you need to cancel due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we ask to see written proof of cancellation from your venue which include the reason for cancellation.


Once we receive this, we will provide you with an official cancellation letter which you can then forward to your wedding insurance company to prove we have cancelled your booking due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), other suppliers should be following a similar process. Please note, if you cancel with the intent to claim on insurance and we have provided you a cancellation letter, we will be unable to reinstate the booking after cancellation.

Providing the government does not deviate from the roadmap and the dates set out ,

from Monday 21st June 2021, COVID-19 policies will no longer apply to cancellation requests and our standard T&C's apply.

From Monday 21st June 2021, we will not longer accept cancellation requests due to COVID-19.

What next for new customers or customers on our waiting list?

Since Saturday 14th March 2020, as per CMA guidelines, we have been prioritizing our currently booked customers and keeping our calendar free for them to move to new dates, instead of taking new bookings.

This was the right thing to do for us as a business, looking after our currently booked customers was our number 1 priority from the beginning of the pandemic.

As a small business, we pride ourselves on the service we offer and the level of customer service we provide.

Small businesses rely on positive experiences and its what we center all our work around.

Our calendar, will therefore be reopened on: Monday 5th April 2021

From this date, and to ensure fairness, we will be in a position to open up our diary to new customers who requested to go on to our waiting list during the Pandemic.

We will be making contact with these customers in due course, to discuss their plans.

Once we have worked through our waiting list, we may then be in a position to reopen the live calendar on our website.

Customers who are on our waiting list and who wish to book will need to contact us as we will not be allowing bookings through the website to any prospective customers.

You will be able to contact us using the below methods.

If you need to contact us:


Live chat:

Through the link at the bottom off this page

Thank you for your continued understanding and support,


The Snap Booth Team x

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